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Spiritual growth when and where you need it

From beginner courses to guide you through your Journey to Christianity to focused Bible study courses, Inspire Courses will help anyone deepen their faith and strengthen their relationship with God. Explore topics related to the creation of the Church, the meaning of prayer, and much more.

Allow us to provide you with the resources to grow in your understanding of God and His Word. To get started on your own spiritual learning path, sign up for our free guided courses here.

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Spiritual growth when and where you need it

We offer JA Inspire resources for free because we believe in reaching as many people who need to hear GOD's word as we can. All around the world people are hurting, and we want to give guidance where we can.

For more than 37 years The John Ankerberg Show has provided "Real Answers to Real Questions" that have helped millions, and JA Inspire is simply an extension of our existing ministry. We'd love if you could help us continue to provide resources to help millions all around the world.